Camp Driftwood. The Camp

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Camp Driftwood is sited on wooded land sloping down to 900 feet of prime Indian Lake shoreline. Much of the waterfront is comprised of glacial-carved bedrock that pitches away into deep water.

There is a swimming dock attached to the shore here, and a large lean-to and fireplace located on a promontory with a panoramic view of the lake.

At the other end of the property the shoreline enters a leeward cove, with a shallow, sandy beach. The cove is also great for boat docking or anchorage.

The lake water is exceptionally clear and clean.

The cabins are very private from one another, separated by real woods that have been thinned only enough to provide sunlight and lake views.

Each cabin is unique in layout, decor and siting. Families that return year after year tend to adopt a favorite, making it feel like their own "home away from home", the same time every year, right on Indian Lake.

The cabins are comfortable, rustic and full of character. One enthusiastic guest described the experience as "Ralph Lauren gone mad."

Paths and drives are not illuminated. Although a moonrise may flood the camp with a delightful light, and the star-filled skies can be breathtaking; moonless nights can be incredibly dark. Please bring flashlights along with you. Evenings can also be a lot cooler than you might expect. Please pack accordingly.

Cabins are not equipped with televisions or telephones. But there is AT&T cell service at various places around Camp. The office will also accept emergency calls for you.

Basic WiFi is provided in each cabin at no charge. Premium High Bandwidth WiFi (suitable for streaming video, conferencing, or VoIP phoning) is available for a surcharge.

Peace and quiet reign here. We ask our guests to be considerate of one another. If your ideal vacation is a noisy one; then; no hard feelings, but you might be happier if you found somewhere else to stay.

On the other hand, good times around the campfire are traditionally a part of the Adirondack experience, and they're almost universally enjoyed by our guests. All cabins have outdoor fireplaces. Nights around the fire give families a chance to put the modern world behind them and get reacquainted with one another in a timeless way.