Camp Driftwood. The Area

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Want to get away from it all? Indian Lake fits the bill. Besides being in the heart of the 6 million acre Adirondack State Forest Preserve, we are located in Hamilton County � statistically the lowest population density in the U.S. east of the Mississippi. And although Hamilton is the third largest county in area in New York State, there is not one single traffic light in the whole place.

The vast majority of the lake and the surrounding territory are protected by the "Forever Wild" clause of the New York State Constitution. Guests have returned after years, and even decades, away and been amazed at how little changed the lake is. "It's just the way I remembered it", and "it's just like when I was a kid" are common reactions.

Yet there's plenty to do here. In addition to those things mentioned under each season, check out the following links:

Adirondack Experience (f/k/a The Adirondack Museum)

Adirondacks, USA

The Wild Center

The Indian Lake/Blue Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce

Hiking Trail Information Hiking Info Hiking Info

Paddling Information Canoeing/Kayaking Info

W.W. Durant

Gore Mountain Ski Center

Indian Lake Theater

The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

Tannery Pond Community Center

Regional Biking Info

Local Weather Forecasts (winter) and Snowmobile Trail Reports

Provisions: Indian Lake has two extremely well-stocked convenience stores. During the summer and fall, there's also a farm truck that brings fresh local produce to town twice a week. But otherwise, fresh produce can be hard to find in town. There are full-sized groceries in nearby North Creek and Speculator; and, of course, mega supermarkets on the edges of the Park in every direction.