Camp Driftwood. Waiver and Agreement Regarding
Winter Conditions

For Guests Visiting Between October And April
Please read the following agreement carefully.
If possible, please download it and print it out, so that you can present it signed by all adult members of your party at the time of your check-in. You may also mail in the completed form with your deposit check, if time allows. Thanks.

Waiver and Agreement Regarding Winter Conditions

The customer(s) acknowledge(s) that there are many inherent and unavoidable risks associated with visiting Camp Driftwood and the Adirondacks during times of the year when wintry conditions prevail.

It may be impossible for Camp Driftwood LLC to completely clear snow and ice from the parking areas, trails, paths, steps and other areas on the premises. Therefore, the customer(s) acknowledge(s) that conditions may be icy and dangerous.

Customers will exercise all necessary caution, and equip themselves with ski poles and/or ice creeper accessories for their footwear whenever necessary. Such devices are readily available through sporting good and outdoor equipment dealers, such as LL Bean and Cabela's, both online and through retail outlets. They may even be available locally in Indian Lake, as supplies last.

Please note, however, that these devices may not, under any circumstances, be worn or used inside the cabins.

Furthermore, guests should be prepared to park their vehicles in such a way that they will not interfere with snow removal operations. Please consult the management regarding parking during storms. Camp Driftwood LLC will not be considered responsible for vehicles that become stuck or damaged due to improper parking.

Therefore, the customer(s) agree(s) to indemnify and hold harmless Camp Driftwood LLC for any injuries involving the use of the premises (including, but not limited to moving about on ice and snow or parking improperly), as well as any injuries to minors or other members of the family or guests who are visiting or lodging with the signer(s) of this document. Furthermore, the customer(s) agree(s) to advise all members and guests of their party of the risks acknowledged in this agreement and to assure that those parties will exercise all appropriate caution and care in accordance with this document.

Visitors who plan on hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or otherwise using the surrounding parkland should also be aware that trails may be harder to follow than they are during the rest of the year and that there are serious risks associated with outdoor recreation at these times of year. Please consult the safety tips page of the website when planning your outdoor activity.

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